CSI ., is a licensed investigation company based in York Region in the Province of Ontario, with Investigator associates across North America and Europe. One of our areas of expertise is Insurance Claim Investigations. We specialize in assisting legal representatives Lawyers and adjusters with both first and third party insurance claims, by reducing their exposure to fraudulent or exaggerated Bodily Injury claims. Our Investigators are able to obtain the evidence that is required to assist claims representatives and their lawyers in making sound decisions.

CSI is a full-service investigation services and asset protection firm comprised of former detectives, public safety, and security professionals. The firm’s expanded regional resources and hands-on approach provides clients with a tailored solution for every unique situation. Our team of experienced professionals dedicated their law enforcement careers to work seamlessly with prosecutors to build a case beyond a reasonable doubt. They are trained to get the evidence you need, even evidence you may not be aware existed. Whether your requirements include obtaining statements, locating witnesses, performing covert surveillance, or utilizing the most current technologies to build your case, CSI will get results. The professionals at CSI have an extensive background in risk mitigation and intellectual property protection services. Their experience in threat recognition and risk assessment provides enterprises with specific solutions for business continuity and brand protection. Our team at CSI believes that understanding our clients’ needs produces the most comprehensive results. We invest in the relationship with our clients and establish trust through professionally dedicated and creative problem solving. During their accomplished law enforcement careers, CSI partners skillfully served our Country and the community. Now, let that experience work for you.

For Further Information email at info@csinvestigations.ca